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Hi there,

I am brand new here as I think I may have just gotten PSSD, but I am not entirely sure. Nonetheless, I am someone who prepares for the worst case scenario so I made an account here to maybe get some support if things end up getting worse/better.

I am 25, and have been on Zoloft since I was 14. I have been tapering it in the past year or so, and it has been rough. But over time, and especially recently, I have slowly began to notice my emotions kind of just shut down and fade off, it is the most bizarre thing. I also have noticed my sexuality is near 0, I don't really have any urge or desire to engage in sexual activity or look at erotic images.

To me, this sounded an awful lot like PSSD and even though technically I am still on medication, I have still noticed these symptoms emerge. Looking for support.

God bless.
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