do you think it is good to use tadalafil every day?

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do you think it is good to use tadalafil every day?

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At the beginning when I took tadalafil 5mg, it seemed to me that I had better erections and also spontaneous ones.
In any case better relaxation of the penis and vasodilation.

Now, I take 10mg which I cut in 2 because it is cheaper.
I have the impression that the effect is less strong compared to the beginning. Does long-term use make tadalafil less effective?

Does this increase the concentration of PDE-5 due to its inhibition or have a rebound effect, i.e. increase its production?

Does playing sports increase the effect of tadalafil and sidenafil?

Does taking half of a 10 mg tablet (i.e. cutting it) instead of a 5 mg tablet reduce the effectiveness?

I also take tadalafil to relax my overactive bladder.
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