Post Venlafaxine problems: semen volume halved.

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Post Venlafaxine problems: semen volume halved.

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Hi there

I have a bit of a complicated history, having taken various anti-depressants since my teens. I'm now fifty years old, having tapered from 150mg of Venlafaxine over the course of many months (I was on 225mg at one point), with at least a month between lowering dosages, and the final month involving taking 37.5mg every alternate day. If I had my time over I may have stayed on 37.5mg, or sought specialist advice, rather than the off the peg advice of my GP. What complicates matters is that I believe that I am susceptable to such difficulties as I was hit by side effects whilst on Finasteride, and then by more on stopping. Some believe that there is a link between PSSD and PFS. Without going into my various Finasteride issues which continue to this day, despite stopping over ten years ago, I maybe foolishly wanted to come off medication completely, one because through personal experience I have come to believe that medication can do more harm than good if it isn't saving your life, and two I wanted to see whether my sexual side effects improved by coming off Venlafaxine. Sadly I rolled that particular dice and they are now worse than before. Finasteride withdrawal resulted in tissue loss to the shaft of my penis (amongst other things), and for quite a while I have experienced low libido and lower ejaculate volume, as well as an orgasm that wasn't what it used to be. The reason for creating this account is to see whether others have experienced what I am about to describe and whether members have seen improvements in this particular side effect. Sadly during my one day off one day on tapering off the final 37.5mg dose over the period of a month the volume of my ejaculate as decreased ever further to possibly half of that previous lowish amount. In the grand scheme of things this isn't the end of the world, but it is just another bloody harm from pharmaceuticals which I don't know will improve, or whether that final taper has created a new baseline. I'm not yet a month out from my final dose of Venlafaxine and hope that my ejaculate volume improves, but my experience has taught me otherwise. Have others experienced this and has it improved?
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