A brief history of my case with PSSD

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A brief history of my case with PSSD

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I'm 23 years old, I took paroxetine 20mg for a few months, around 8 months, during which time I had some problems with ejaculatory delay, but not too serious. I stopped taking the drug and carried on as normal, until about 5-6 months later I started having anxiety symptoms again and this time I was prescribed sertraline 50mg by my doctor. This time the symptoms were much worse and it really compromised the quality of my erection and ejaculation, so I suspended the medication and stopped taking it. Initially the symptoms went away, but over the course of a few weeks I started experiencing erection difficulties again, a long delay in reaching orgasm and my penis becoming less and less sensitive to touch... To the point where today I have very few erections and with some difficulty, in addition, I have very sparse sperm and fewer than normal pre-PSSD. My morning erections (when I wake up) are also very rare now. I'm hoping that I can reverse this situation, as I've seen reports of many people who have managed to recover 90 and even 100% of their pre-serotonin inhibitor healthy condition.
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