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German GPCR auto-antibody study on vax injury- what it means for PSSD

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 9:10 pm
by glennchan ... t-al/313/2

Semmler and colleagues (DOI:10.20944/preprints202309.0113.v1) argue that vax injured persons can be distinguished from vaccinated individuals based on:

Higher levels of the cytokine IL-6 (or IL-8)
Higher levels of auto-antibodies against AT1R
Lower levels of auto-antibodies against the Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor (α2b-adr-R)
What’s interesting is that the level of one of the auto-antibodies is lower rather than higher in post vac patients. Something funky is going on.

Right now, some PSSD patients are looking at whether SFN (small fiber neuropathy) and the autoimmune version of SFN are responsible for PSSD. For more information on that theory, join either of the following two discords and ask for an invite to the SFN Discord server. You can find Celltrend test results of PSSD patients in that server.

Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction / Post Finasteride Syndrome
Arcanechart PSSD server
I’m going to throw out a hot take here: the data suggests that auto-antibodies aren’t responsible for PSSD symptoms given that:

Some of them are lower in vaccine injury / post vac
Many/most people with autoimmune SFN test negative for auto-antibodies like TS-HDS, FGFR3, etc. (The Semmler et al. study didn’t look at TS-HDS or FGFR3.)
The REAP auto-antibody panel from Aaron Ring’s lab at Yale didn’t find abnormal AABs for Long COVID ( or post-vaccination myocarditis (
There may be some kind of autoimmunity going on but it may not necessarily be caused by auto-antibodies. (It’s also possible that auto-antibodies are part of the problem in some patients.) The CellTrend auto-antibody panel, part of which was studied by Semmler and colleagues, could be a dead end.

It’s also very possible that certain treatments like IVIG and corticosteroids do things for the lucky patients who respond positively to those treatments. (*Corticosteroids are one of the high-risk treatments for vax injury and LC so please be careful. See this post to learn how to dig up the data.) I think that we’ll need another theory to explain why IVIG has an effect for some patients.