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Fundraising for PSSD Research / Marketing

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2023 6:09 am
by climb
Hi everyone!

Fundraising for PSSD Research / Marketing

I hope you’ve had enjoyable summers despite PSSD! I’ve been hiking up mountains. It was awesome in a kind of anhedonic way.

• As you know, our chances of finding a reliable treatment for PSSD depends on getting a better understanding of the pathophysiology of the condition, and this can only be achieved by research!

• PSSD is getting more media coverage than ever and the tide is turning. We need to work together and keep pushing!

• I am donating every month to the Rxisk research fund and to Prof Melcangi through PSSD network to support these research efforts. I am also donating to PSSD network’s marketing fund. This donation supports activities such as running ads on social media to raise awareness.

• The more money that our community can raise, the faster we find a cure! The more research that is published, the more people know about PSSD and the more researchers become interested.

• The best way to make progress is if more people donate and the best method is to make regular donations. PSSD network has a whatsapp group where we share screen shots of our monthly donations. There is no pressure put on anyone. You only donate what you can afford to donate, and everything is appreciated. The group helps to remind us to donate regularly and helps us to keep track of how we’re doing and what we still need to do to reach our targets. I really hope that some of you will join us if you haven’t already done so. We’d love to have you support us with this effort!

You can join the Whatsapp group here or contact me if you need a hand or have any questions!

Rxisk Research Fund:
PSSD Network Research Fund:
PSSD Network Marketing Fund:

Thanks to everyone who is already involved!

Re: Fundraising for PSSD Research / Marketing

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 6:54 am
by climb
Opportunity to generate $10K for PSSD research this month! ... 0_towards/

Re: Fundraising for PSSD Research / Marketing

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 9:16 pm
by glennchan
Hey do you have any interest in getting Ghost's GWAS study (Genome project) completed? It can be a really cost effective way to do research when you have:
A- Somebody with a track record of PSSD advocacy, so there's a reason to trust the researcher.
B- Ghost works for free, so the money spent will really go a long way.

It's just disappointing for me to see that there hasn't been a concerted effort to finish his research, which would shine some light as to the cause of PSSD.

EDIT: I don't check this forum often, I'm easier to find on Discord. (I'm in the Boost and Arcanechart servers.)