Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

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Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

Unread post by Micromegas »

Originally posted July 2014

I have seen many guys say that they have noticed changes in the way their penis hangs (or doesn't hang) since they have been affected by SSRIs. I also have noticed this problem.

It has been described as "shrinkage" (à la the famous Seinfeld episode). Not as in an actual shrinking of the organ, but as in a drawn-up, somewhat tense state. I also have seen it referred to as "turtled up," "penile shrinkage," and "hard flaccid." If there is an actual medical term for this, I haven't found it.

Do all guys with PSSD symptoms have this particular issue? Has anyone found a way to improve it? I'm starting to wonder whether it is the most constant indicator of sexual dysfunction. Might this also be the cause of the BPH-like symptom of "dribbling after urination," which I also have noticed and seen others mention?

Some have described this drawn-up flaccid state as being painful. For me, it's more of an occasional discomfort, but mostly I think that it's a constant indicator of whatever deficit is causing the erection problems. In other words, I am guessing that an effective treatment for SSRI-induced ED would by necessity also treat this shrinkage issue. It only makes sense that a relaxed and loose member is closer to becoming erect than one that is drawn-up and tense.

It has been mentioned here on the forum as being an issue of blood flow, which makes sense. When I've taken Cialis, I have noticed some temporary improvement.

If you have this problem or have found anything that makes it better, share that experience here. I suspect that this is a problem that a lot of us notice but never mention because it becomes an afterthought in light of the more pressing symptoms.
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Re: Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

Unread post by hs1312 »

I have the same problem too.
I think its the lack of blood flow
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Re: Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

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I used to have that. It's just a tight pelvic floor, practice yoga squats and hold and deepen them as much as you can without straining yourself.
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Re: Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

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It hangs like I just got out of a cold shower
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Re: Flaccid State (Or: How's it Hanging?)

Unread post by Trazohell »

For me in the beginning of extremely hanging, shriveled testicles as one would expect from a 100 year old.
Now a little better.
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