My journey against the PSSD

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My journey against the PSSD

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Hello. I am a woman and I am 25 years old.

Forgive me if eventually my English seems to be bad. It's not my native language.

I have had particularly fragile sexual health ever since. I had PCOS as a teenager and a very keen imagination. I really closed myself off in my mind because it never turned off. I couldn't deal with the real world because of that. And I was quite compulsive. And of course, this was accompanied by an unusual libido for a woman (although I didn't put it into practice much).

I believe I have always had a troubled relationship with dopamine.

When I went to a psychiatrist, he prescribed an antipsychotic called Risperidone. I don't remember the exact dose. This happened when I was 22 years old and unable to work and study because of an overactive mind.

I lost libido and cognition right away. And I also had severe side effects. My body was suddenly shaking.

After that he prescribed me fluoxetine, supposedly to lessen the side effects of Risperidone. And I took these drugs for two years. I stopped on my own because they caused me the exact opposite effects of what I had before. I needed to take a direction in my life, which these medicines don't allow. I never established a balance. But when I stopped I noticed something wrong. I waited and there went 1 year and nothing.

My symptoms are exactly the same as anyone else's. Brain Flog, anhedonia, vaginal dryness, anorgasmia and lack of libido.

I've tried natural supplements with ginko biloba and damiana. The last one recommended by a colleague of a group on PSSD in my country. But I later found out that she never actually had PSSD. It was just a curious paranoid who started taking damiana as soon as she stopped SSRI. She probably would never have had PSSD anyway.

Anyway, I wrote this text with a lot of difficulty.

PS: I forgot to mention that the "mild hallucinations" completely stopped after PSSD.
PSSD by a combination of Risperidon and Fluoxetin

Tests: damiana, gingko biloba, cabergolin, pramipexol, buspiron, SJW
Significant improvement only with SJW
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