Developing New Theory Linking Post-drug Conditions! (PSSD/PFS/Fluoroquinolones)

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Developing New Theory Linking Post-drug Conditions! (PSSD/PFS/Fluoroquinolones)

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Occam’s Razor, Principle of Parsimony Truly put the Test.

All 3 classes of the above drugs have POTENT effects on the GABA-A Receptor as a DIRECT ACTION (as opposed to a minor indirect one) primary target of treatment. :ugeek:

Obviously this alone doesn’t explain a persistent syndrome, plenty of other theory’s point to either a specific or set of receptors, peptides/neurotransmitters/hormones as the key cause. :|

And why then would benzodiazepines/alcohol lack a post drug condition past a withdrawal or post-acute withdrawal syndrome :?:

Elaborate and ambiguous theories relating to global influences, involving areas such as epigenetics, autoimmune reactions, gut/brain axis and i’m sure many more intelligent hypothesis put forth (that I can’t remember/haven’t read through yet) STILL NEVER explain why these negative outcomes don’t revert to Homeostasis Post-Discontinuation :idea:

I think I have discovered the Global mechanism behind the “PERMANENCE” of PSSD, seemingly lasting ‘FOREVER-CHEMICALS Syndromes’!!! :mrgreen:

My Theory will be a Testable PROVABLE/FALSIFIABLE and will have practical applications with Concrete Results manifesting physical Truths. :geek:

Expensive/difficult to access and potentially intrusive, albeit accepted medical procedures will either back up my claims or lead me to give up and accept that these Conditions are Psychosomatic. Potentially a Hypochondriac or Conversion disorder with a NOCEBO mechanism. With symptoms like anhedonia being attributed to unrelated CURRENT personal issues such as social isolation/addictions/chronic stress instead of a drug taken years ago. :roll: :oops:

I found one person on this entire forum even entertaining such a simple yet extremely CRUCIAL theory. Whereas on the PropeciaHelp Forum I found a handful of people independently come to this conclusion with many more convinced and investigating. :P

Look through my post history if you want the gist of it right now. I promise I will go into much more depth, detailed connections and information to create a hypothesis 8 years in the making. :D
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