SSRI "discontinuation syndrome" and PSSD

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SSRI "discontinuation syndrome" and PSSD

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Firstly, good to see the forum back, I lurked the old one for some time.

I want to ask other PSSD sufferers here if you experienced withdrawal effects (so-called discontinuation syndrome) after stopping SSRI use? Effects would include brain zaps, mood swings, insomnia, lethargy, dry eyes, and dizziness.

I experienced terrible withdrawals, most notably brain zaps, after SSRIs. I was on 10mg Lexapro for ~3 months and experienced 2-3 weeks of withdrawals. A year or so later I was on Prozac 20mg for ~6 months and experienced withdrawals for 3-4 months. Both times I tapered off as suggested by doc. My PSSD may have been around somewhat after Lexapro, but it was only after discontinuing Prozac and getting over withdrawals that I actually self-diagnosed PSSD. It has been over a year since my last Prozac dose and I feel 90% "healed" from withdrawals except the PSSD and maybe some anhedonia.

I am interested to know how many other PSSD sufferers experienced withdrawals, especially brain zaps.
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Re: SSRI "discontinuation syndrome" and PSSD

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I also went through withdrawal, most notably brain zaps and insomnia. I was afraid they were going to be permanent, but they lasted about a month. The insomnia was maddening at the time. I also was emotionally unstable for a while, although I didn't have any breakdowns or outbursts.
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