PSSD Symptoms after a week Lexapro (Escitalopram)

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PSSD Symptoms after a week Lexapro (Escitalopram)

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Hello everyone,

I am near my one month mark after I quit Lexapro after one week (5mg; last day 10mg). I would say my condition is not comparable to the first two weeks in withdrawal but back to normal is different. It was a hard up and down the first two weeks but it seems that it stagnates after that. And since 5 days my IBS-D became worse again and even more worse than before Lexapro (and IBS was the reason for Lexapro).. So what a success! I would say two weeks ago I was at a 2 and now I am at a 6,5 (1: really bad and 10 is perfect). There are times at a day when I think "Yeah I am back" and then two hours later "oh no, not this again". I know that is just one month but I am worried obviously.

Yesterday I had tears in my eyes when I watched Star Wars again, so maybe it is a good sign that my emotions are not completely gone but they struggle a bit over the day. Sometimes I feel completly emotional numb but often just in the morning (not just on mondays! I had it not before Lexapro:-)) and then I am very happy in the evening. It does not make any sense. My cognitive problems became better but I would say I am at 75%.

Warning for TMI! My Libido is still there but it seems that there is a wall between me and my Libido. Maybe someone of you have some TNT or a hammer so I can get it back. So I'm still attracted to the opposite sex and I still like to “look after them” (I hope that doesn't sound too criminal :-)) but it's like a part is missing, if you know what I mean. Furthermore I have erection problems. They can be a a 10/10 but not spontaneous and what does it help without any urge. For this reason I started with 80mg Pycnogenol with 1800mg L-Arginin. I can not evaluate that there is a difference in the genital sensation, and I think if I check it too often I'm more likely to convince myself that there is a difference.

My sleep is exactly like before, maybe I wake up a bit more often than before but than I usually fall asleep again straight away. I normally sleep between 7 and 9 hours. Just the first week after quitting were bad where I woke up after 4 hours of sleep every night.

I have to say that I had signs of burnout months before taking it. Before taking it, however, the symptoms were only mild and became better everyday. It's like the pills set me back three months in my recovery, and sexual dysfunction I seem to have gotten for free too.

To the supplements. As I said I take Pycnogenol+L-Arginin (Prelox) and Omega-3.

Today I will quit vaping and look how it will help with my conditions.

Thanks for reading and may the force be with you!
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