Lithium Carbonate. Share your experience

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Lithium Carbonate. Share your experience

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Is there someone here who have tried lithium carbonate?
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Re: Lithium Carbonate. Share your experience

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yes, I am on 800mg now. I have no side effects exept shaking hands and this metalic taste in my mouth. Some food i just can't eat, for exemple chocolate and butter tastes so awfull that i can't even explain by words. but thats it, i am perfectly fine, no heavy side effects.

About PSSD i had this improvement in genital anesthesia. I started this home pelvic floor massage too so I don't know for sure whats helping (maybe both??). I feel my balls have their sensitivity almost 100% and shaft like 30%

if you are thinking about try carborate start for 400mg or so and check how you feel. some people don't react good to lithium
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