What can I take for social anxiety?

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What can I take for social anxiety?

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I've been able to cope without meds and ssris for the last 15 years, but recently there are new (and very bad) situations in my life that is overwhelming me, and currently I'm in a very bad scenario with my social anxiety,I can't cope. I'm a very very nervious person, by nature, and I need to face many incredible stressful situations at this moment.
What else can I take??!! I would appreciate any suggestion and experiences. Any safe med??
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Re: What can I take for social anxiety?

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Alliant hemp sells extremely cheap cbd oil- they have a bottle of 24,000 mg cbd with a cbd/thc ratio of 100:1. I didn’t know anything about cbd oil until recently, but I tried it and it works really well- just 20-50 mg is perfect for me.
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