Moral Medicine: A Youtube channel for discussing iatrogenic harm.

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Moral Medicine: A Youtube channel for discussing iatrogenic harm.

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Moral Medicine is a channel devoted to discussing and understanding the ethical practice of clinical medicine and related scientific research, with a strong focus on the life altering, adverse effects that different pharmaceutical drugs have had on patients who have taken them. With very little research going into understanding the biological mechanism that causes these reactions and why only certain people experience them, we want to promote and encourage the investigation into these issues with the hope of one day finding viable treatments for those suffering. The channel features true testimonials of individuals that have been damaged by pharmaceutical drugs and the devasting impact it has had on their lives.
At trusted acquaintance of the propeciahelp staff is involved in hosting the channel."

If any of you are interested in gaining more exposure for PSSD, it might be worth giving him a shout-out.
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