Does the post-SSRI syndrome affect previous psychological disorders?

This is for hypothesis and even educated speculation.
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Does the post-SSRI syndrome affect previous psychological disorders?

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We know how post ssri syndrome can be so severe that it can wipe out one's emotional, affective, creative world, cognitive abilities, things that seem to characterize one's personality even in its most 'spiritual' sense.

And yet, I know a boy who has severe and complex post ssri syndrome but continues to have the disabling obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) he had before.
A girl who suffered from psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations has severe post antipsychotic syndrome but still has psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations.

I imagine that personality disorders that rely on emotional susceptibility or anxiety such as borderline and avoidant are greatly blunted by a post ssri syndrome with emotional numbness and anhedonia.

I wonder if a panic attack disorder that was chronic turns out to be "cured" or not by having contracted post ssri syndrome, ditto for bipolar disorder and the other chronic disorders.

Perhaps an investigation along these lines might suggest that the alterations that cause the symptoms of post ssri syndrome do not rest on the same ground/do not touch the same networks that cause mental disorders.
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Re: Does the post-SSRI syndrome affect previous psychological disorders?

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There is circumstancial evidence that PSSD affect ion channel functions in a way that there is something wrong with extracellular/intracellular ions like magnesium, potassium, calcium. Perhaps increased oxidation also. Since work of every cell is hugely dependent on these ions, it is fair to assume that it will yeld many other consequences than what we often talk about.

In my opinion this ion ratio disruption is not a major effect of PSSD, but rather downstream effect of pathology in other cellular processes in the first place, which in chain reactions lead to this. It may excerbate preexisting predisposition to certain problems, if so, then such effects would be largely personal from person to person.

You make a fair point that if disorders like borderline etc, where otherwise there is huge emotional disregulation, some symptoms may be blunted, because of how blunting PSSD may be by itself. And there may be analogous effects in other personality disorders, however using word "cured" may not be the best way to describe it. It is probably more so like modulation of already existing health condition to a new, unfamiliar state. Like two disease spectrums come onto each others, and some of the pathology share similar area of action and may cancel/excerbate themselves.
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Re: Does the post-SSRI syndrome affect previous psychological disorders?

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