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Now we’re back online (thanks everyone) I wanted to post results of my 6 week cyproheptadine trial.

I decided to try this after reading this article: and managed to get it easily and cheaply as periactin (antihistamine)

At first the sides (from just 4mg) were pretty unbearable - completely knocked me out and still exhausted after even 11-13 hours sleep. This did wear off and each time it did, I increased my dose. I ended up being on 12 mg for about a month.

During this month I was on holiday, lying on a sun lounger by the pool, just listening to music, and suddenly I noticed a weird butterflies feeling in my stomach. I actually thought I had wind until I put my hand down to touch my stomach and suddenly I realised things felt different. It was Kind of like the butterflies you get when you used to drive down a big hill. Butterflies and involuntary tending of the stomach muscles. Very low in my Stomach. Weird. I was at a public pool and couldn’t touch myself to ‘test’, but I started to focus on the feelings in my stomach. And with each wave of tensing/butterflies the feeling grew and it started to feel like my stomach was spasming. I was concentrating to make these spasms happen and with each one it got more pleasurable until I eventually had what I can only describe as a orgasm in my stomach. My genitals didn’t feel aroused at all, but there is literally no other was to describe this than an orgasm. I went straight back to my room to touch myself but nada - down below felt numb and cold as always. These pills had just affected one tiny part of the puzzle of I hadn’t event really recognised before PSSD.

This is a completely different experience to what I ever had before PSSD or during my 1 window of 100% recovery. Never felt an orgasm in my stomach like that and certainly never without physical stimulation.

I’ve stopped taking it now and sadly back to baseline, but I wanted to report back anyway. A weird experience.
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