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Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:54 pm
by JakeLawe
Ok, first of all. I'd like to know if it's possible to delete threads cause I may want to, later on and is one's right to do so for whatever reason.

Second: I've been 3.5 months off sertraline now.. I'd say I'm almost 100% back.. a little numbness still which of course I need it completely gone and I trust this will be the case, still not quite erotic dreams but getting there.. orgasms are back 100% I'd say, with the exception that I still have low to zero semen volume!

Been looking at Bethanechol for this but haven't tried it. Anyone knows if it could help in this regard?

I tried Maca but seems to numb my dick.. took citrulline too.. I see no difference so far.

Now, I'm aware having no semen or too little is a minor problem compared to the other stuff.. but I feel my orgasms can be Bette if I can come again.. maybe I only need more time

I took so little sertraline (I cut the pill in quarters) and for so few days (12.5 mg for three days then .25 fourth day) that nowadays I think that taking heroin is way healthier than any 'antidepressant'.

It also thinned my hair ..anyone else got who got their hair thinned by taking this crap? It's getting a bit better but really..anyne got some advice on this?.

Sometimes I want to not kill..but torture my ex psychiatrist and chemical makers.. I may end up seeing if I can sue, but I trust I'll be 100% good soon and I trust I won't need to.

So.. anyone with success improving your semen volume/semen shot/fertility? What did you take? Was it only with time?

I don't think I have any advice for anyone btw, is probably best not to take anything if you ask me.. but yet here I am asking for experiences on improving semen volume so I don't blame you. I may not be able to answer any questions either.

Im male, 38.

Makes me mad even some young beautiful ladies have to go through this. In this time of injustices being protested I'd like to see a protests against the FDA for not properly warning etc.. the whole psychiatric system torturing people that came to them for help! Friggin scary monsters, I wonder if some of these monsters have a conscience.. probably not. I'll sue their asses if I need to, but I'm trusting I won't need to.

Thank you for any perspective that have helped any of you with reverting semen volume back. I may or may not end up taking it but I'd like to read it, if you have something to share about this.

So far my guess is that it's a retrograde ejaculation.. the semen almost feel to be going somewhere else.. another pathway..of course I don't really know..I'm trusting It'll revert back too soon.

Moderator: I can delete this thread if I want to/feel like later, right? Thank you.

Mercy and Compassion to y'all. P.S. I don't have pssd but rather, experiencing protracted withdrawal, I'm aware of that.

Re: Protracted withdrawal after sertraline

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:43 pm
by arahant
I have taken sertraline up to 150 mg/day, never noticed "hair changes", I had "reduced semem" but it was basically varicocele and excessive masturbation for "checking if I was back", which reduced my amount of semem....the surgery and a fap holiday made wonders in this regard, I had to give my body time to produce more cum... A urologist is way better than psychiatrist.

Are you married and trying to have kids?

Regarding sexual sides, I tried lots of stuff, but only buspirone reduced my genital numbness and improved orgasm sensations.

Re: Protracted withdrawal after sertraline

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:14 pm
by JakeLawe
I'm single, no kids. Not trying to.
I'll look into varicocele and may give the wanking a break.

Questions: are you still taking buspirone? If not: For how long did you take it? And most importantly: have the improvements remained? How's your libido?

I have a bottle of buspirone.. I asked my ignorant/torturer ex psychiatrist for a script after I researched a bit and let him know that he needs warn people of protracted withdrawal, that people have suicided because of it.. I like to think he's not some kind of sadist that already knew it.

Anyway, I'm scared of messing up my dick and libido with the buspirone now since for most part I'm back and it's been only 3.5 months off.. this sertraline experience has left me afraid of compounds..

I'm also scared of tardive dyskinesia from buspirone, I've read can happen..and I've read those can last.. says they're rare though buuuuuuut

So since from most part i'd say I'm back.. it'd be nice if buspirone can further improve me/revert things back, though.

Thank you for replying.

To the mods: I think a subforum with only positive stories will make wonders to this communinity. Only positive posts allowed's a suggestion.

Re: Protracted withdrawal after sertraline

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:13 pm
by arahant
Hey Bro,

I totally understand, after being hit by sertraline, it is common to fear any other pill.
According to your post, most of the sides seem to fade away. You can wait a bit more to see.
In my case, I was waiting since 2015, and it happens to get buspirone prescription by my doctor's suggestion, not my research, she also sent me a study I was out of forums, and I registered here after I got improvements and it was a lifesaver.

I have a log posted here. It took more than a year, I am tapering off with all benefits.

Buspirone was tested in the TREATMENT of tardive dyskinesia. It is far from Haldol or other first-generation antipsychotics.

There are a few annoying side effects, like drowsiness/dizziness which were corrected by taking it with meals.

I also scheduled sex/fap like 1 h after taking a pill. This pill has a short half-life, after 5-6 hours there is basically no more buspirone circulating on the body.

There is patent showing a protocol for handling SD using buspirone:

Best of luck.

Re: Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:17 am
by naiverat
I would *strongly* advise you not to take any other drugs. Your body is clearly recovering well and you don't want to jeopardize that. From all the anecdotes here, it appears that when the body enters a fragile state, it is very easy to incur more damage by further drug ingestion.

I think half the people here would donate a limb to only have low semen volume. I believe it will likely go away in due time, but count your blessings if that is your only persistent issue.

If it lasts for years and you want to conceive but don't have the sperm count, there are options like hCG to increase fertility.

- Rat

Re: Protracted withdrawal after sertraline

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:45 pm
by arahant
JakeLawe wrote: Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:14 pm I'm single, no kids. Not trying to.
I'll look into varicocele and may give the wanking a break.
I asked if you are trying to have kids because I have done IVF before.
This procedure required a minimum of 5 days of sex/fapping holiday, before the day of sperm collection.
Tha's is the medical baseline for "semen volume".
Anything bellow that is not considered "proper sperm" volume.
It is just important information I would like to add.

For example, I have seen people panicking about "low sperm volume", but fapping many times a week, sometimes 2-3x a day to check if the "volume" got back to the baseline (like OCD compulsion).
The more fapping, less sperm count, panic, more fap. Over and over again.

You said you are like "close to healed".
I would strongly recommend you let your body heal over time.
Also, be careful about the mental trap of "it is not good enough".

Re: Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:43 pm
by Halan
Try some HCG or clomid!

Re: Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 1:07 pm
by JakeLawe
Would 3.5 months be still too soon?
I want to fucking die. I have no idea how some of you brothers do it.
I mean the numbness isn't as bad as the first month, for example and orgasms feel more normal than the first month too..i'd say I'm at least 92% back or so.. yet I can sort of feel it...a tingling sensation. Like feeling the numbness.. sometimes..

I have no idea how you people do it.. makes me want to commit suicide tbh.. I need my 100%.

I'll just wait I guess.. make an effort to focus on life..

I've done quite research on it. Also the page: or .com if anyone find it useful. I also want to share this link, not to start and argument, you can agree or disagree, I agree with: ... after.html

This stuff is too hard.. I don't want to sue the stupid manufacturer and/or 'doctor' as much as fully recover but I already spoke with my lawyer about it, If anyone else wants to sue, join a class action, you need to start documenting with doctors etc.

My heart goes to all of you, this is too fucking difficult and I know I'm in heaven compared to many here..if I could fix us all with words I would..

It's said Love is the answer and I know the mind can fix body..that's my approach these days.

Please don't quote me btw, I don't like it. If you can unquote me that'd be great.

Anyway I'm gonna wait other 3 months. .then a fucking year.. I'll make an effort to come back and report when I'm 100% back but can't promise I'll return.

R.I.P the people that have decided to check out cause of this nightmare and torture..and R.I.P. the ones we don't even know that did it.

I suppose there's no option but to either cry or laugh or both and just have faith that one can be happy even under torture.


Re: Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 3:12 pm
by arahant
That's what I did:

You can start wondering why you got a sertraline prescription and if your prior issues were addressed too.

To be honest with you, since 2015 when I took the maximum allowed sertraline dose for OCD for many months, I was never 100% back, and you know what? there were lots of problems that were addressed with the treatment. I had to stop feeding negative emotions with phrases with lots of: "Me, myself, they fucked me, why me?" and move on.

I think my life is better than before taking this dick numbing shit, which was one of the most horrifying sides I experienced.

Instead of 100% back, I focused in be 200% better in the future.
Since my first post here, I promised to come back and here I am reporting among no more numb dick.



Re: Any experiences with reverting semen volume back?

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 3:41 pm
by JakeLawe
Well it's been only 3.5 months for me and, as far as I can see, I keep improving. I know I'll get my 100% back.

I know people can be happy under torture. My prior "issues" are still here and I cherish them now! It's just heaven to feel any emotions at all! Sadness and whatnot!

In this sense, yeah I suppose this dick numbing shit helped me appreciate my "negative" emotions!

In this sense, also breaks my heart these other people who's sexual issues are the least of their concerns after taking this crap. I can't even imagine..

Crying is underrated I tell you.

Anyway, cool to hear you feel in a better place, overall.