New very promising microbiom theory.

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New very promising microbiom theory.

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Hello Guys,
I just wanted to let you know about the new microbiota theory on reddit.
It is very promising and heavily thought out and backed up by alot of data. So not some kind of random speculation...
Lastround360, the guy who researched the stuff has written a whole etiology how pssd emerges.
It's not that complicated and quite a few member have successfully treated their dysbiosis and with that their pssd.
Please write an admin about this so they can spread the message and encourage people to get tested for dysbiosis(stool microbiom test is important because sibo test is only capable to detect mehtan and hydrogen producing microbes) and start treatment when it comes out positive. He is also collecting some data to identify the harmful overgrowing bacteria and find the according probiotics for treatment. Please let him know ("lastround360" on reddit) when you're test results come back.

The two articles written by him.

The first article: ... urce=share

The second article: ... urce=share

Please spread the message as good as possible to you're fellow pssd sufferers.

I wish you all the best
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Re: New very promising microbiom theory.

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The links that you put, when visited from mobile, require downloading app to view them. For those who want to bypass this requirement I will put links to the old version of reddit: part 1 | part 2
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