Strong case for dopamine

This is for hypothesis and even educated speculation.
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Strong case for dopamine

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Some time ago I took a DNA test and found out I have a gene called gs224 ( This gene leads to low levels of dopamine. Let's follow the dopamine trail.

There are at least two recovery stories for Inositol, which increases dopamine receptors ( I've read about people taking 18g of Inositol a day, but I can barely tolerate a few hundred milligrams. Even at that level I go completely anhedonic. I read somewhere although I've lost the reference, that Inositol initially blunts dopamine release. Perhaps my low initial levels of dopamine make me susceptible to this effect in a way that people without this gene aren't. But that's a side track. Even if Inositol affects dopamine and I apparently have an issue with dopamine, Inositol also has has a host of other effects, any of which might be the real reason for the recoveries. Let's keep digging.

There are also recovery stories for St Johns Wort (SJW) which also increases dopamine ( Of course, SJW also has a host of other effects, but at least dopamine is common theme for SJW and Inositol.

There are also recovery stories for various anabolic steroids and subsequent post cycle therapy (PCT). The connection between steroids and libido does not seem to be well understood, but it seems that testosterone does not directly affect libido. Testosterone does however affect dopamine ( Now we have three compounds, all with wildly different effects, but with the common denominator that they affect dopamine.

Finally, at least one person has recovered using pramipexol which directly activates dopamine receptors and another using dextroamphetamine, which also activates dopamine receptors. These two last compounds are the clearest link to dopamine since these compounds don't do much except activate dopamine receptors.

The likely culprit: dopamine.
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Re: Strong case for dopamine

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Dopamine agonists are known to cause hypersexuality as a side-effect. Dopamine lowers prolactin (a hormone that inhibits sexuality). Whether you have PSSD or not, a drug that increases dopamine is likely to make you more horny.
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