New interesting theory on PSSD/PFS/PAS

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Re: New interesting theory on PSSD/PFS/PAS

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Definitely interesting. I’m not sure how to pursue this angle given that some microbes are more prevalent and some are reduced. Go the antibiotic route and hope to kill the bad ones (and any infections ssris may have retriggered)? Or go the probiotic/fecal transplant route?
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Re: New interesting theory on PSSD/PFS/PAS

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First time logging on after a year or so. This theory seems a bit silly. Not denying that infections are a thing in PSSD, but probably more symptomatic than causal e.g. serotonin is indicated in viral infection and reproduction. It's probably more true that people with PSSD are in a state of metabolic decline, cascade of stress hormones (excess serotonin promotes excess estrogen and vice versa) that compound and creates new problems over time, and chronic stress which makes you more vulnerable to infection. Antibiotics have not helped me to improve libido/performance or well-being in a lasting way. The only things that have some effect are improving metabolic function, increasing dopamine / suppressing serotonin and suppressing estrogen, minimizing stress, and changing my mentality.

That's why the recent epigenetic theory (hcg+proviron) makes a lot of sense to me. It's supposed to increase endogenous androgen production (Prozac is thought to work my increases allopregnenolone) & thyroid hormone production, reset ER and AR, etc.. The description of estrogen dominance, but receptors being de-sensitized to estrogen there fits my symptoms exactly. I don't know that this protocol will cure me or a person suffering from PSSD, but my intuition and experience tells me that the cause of PFS is also epigenetic in nature and that it makes more sense to take an epigenetic approach.

Anyways, my experience is that working on improving metabolism and minimizing stress is the fundamental/universal way to deal with bacterial / viral concerns and will significantly improve other symptoms as well (I suspect that many people with PSSD had some metabolic dysfunction prior to taking SSRI). The approach can vary from person to person as each has different barriers to improving metabolic function. I've been having success with fermentable carbs, no meat, and a surplus of calories lately (read about Kellogg's milch regimen if you're considering FMT or spending lots on probiotics). Meeting RDAs, and using temperature, bowel function, mental/emotional symptoms and a few principles as my guide. Also getting sunlight, regular walks, pushing myself to be more social, and giving less fucks / being more patient with my recovery.
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