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Sb919 wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:08 pm Just ordered a methylfolate/methyl b12 supplement, and am now reading reports on people saying methyl donors permanently crashed them, as well as @meso warning about them... I've taken zinc, choline, magnesium, and a daily multivitamin and have never had any kind of negative effects. I was looking for something to help with brain fog and mood mostly, but now I'm kind of freaked out to try it.

How risky is this? They are relatively low dose 400mcg/1000mcg. When I was in the hospital they said I was slightly anemic, and gave me a "b vitamin". I asked my primary about it, and he didn't seem interested and wouldn't do any blood tests... seemed like a good idea at first. anyone else try these?
There are other forms you can use. Methyl forms are too risky for PSSD. There are people who crashed from SAM-e, methy-B12, and methylfolate.
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Are other forms of folate and b12 not methyl donors?

I ended up returning them, as I realized the amount of b12 in them is 47,000% daily value which is absolutely insane. I was interested in trying folate as also a possible cure for PE as well (which is creeping back as I am cutting down on THC).

As far as MTHFR, I never had the test, so I figured trying this and seeing if I felt better mentally would be a cheaper/quicker way to tell if I had some sort of deficiency/absorption problem. Will be seeing a new doctor in April, so will probably just wait to get some proper blood tests.

Thank you for the replies.
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